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Tom Masterson kd7cyu at
Fri Apr 15 14:05:40 UTC 2011

Note that teh combination of uid, gid, and umask work on most drives but I 
do have one exteranl drive that is ext3 that I am still trying to find the 
answer to how to make it writable by either a group or all users other 
than root.


On Fri, 15 Apr 2011, Geoff Shang wrote:

> On Thu, 14 Apr 2011, Tom Masterson wrote:
>> I have a mount problem.  I have several usb sticks and a usb external hard 
>> drive and am using Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick.  When I mount any of them using 
>> either mount or pmount or allowing them to automount I can't copy anything 
>> to them from the console except as root (sudo to be exact).  Also things 
>> like vmware or virtualbox do not have access to them.  The command I use 
>> is:
>> sudo mount -t <type> -o rw,umask=000 <device> <dir>
> You can specify the user and group that all files should have by using the 
> uid and gid values to mount like so:
> sudo mount -t <type> -o rw,umask=000,uid=<value>,gid=<value> <device> <dir>
> The man page doesn't say, but I'd expect the required value to be a number, 
> not a username.
> Geoff.
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