Mounting question

Tom Masterson kd7cyu at
Fri Apr 15 22:28:39 UTC 2011

Yeah I got it to work with permissions.  For some reason it didn't work 
the first couple of times I tried it that way but I may have had a 
different disk plugged in or msstyped something.


On Sat, 16 Apr 2011, Geoff Shang wrote:

> On Fri, 15 Apr 2011, Tom Masterson wrote:
>> Note that teh combination of uid, gid, and umask work on most drives but I 
>> do have one exteranl drive that is ext3 that I am still trying to find the 
>> answer to how to make it writable by either a group or all users other than 
>> root.
> You should be able to deal with this in the filesystem itself.  Just set file 
> and directory permissions appropriately.
> The reason why VFAT is such an issue is that it doesn't support the concept 
> of the owner of a file, so an owner and group have to be mapped to it.   The 
> default is whoever mounted the filesystem.
> Geoff.
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