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Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Sat Apr 16 15:17:37 UTC 2011

Hi Jackie,

On Saturday 16 Apr 2011 17:48:25 Jackie McBride wrote:
> Schlomi, 

It's "Shlomi" (with an "sh") - not "Schlomi" with an "Sch". English spelling - 
not German.

> I will have a look, but this is a question that might better
> be addressed by the blind webber's group, e.g.,
> blindwebbers at yahoogroups.com. Those folks over there tend to be the
> ones concentrating on web development, & I think there are more of us
> there to give u feedback.

OK, thanks for the reference.

> We appreciate your accessibility efforts. U can subscribe by writing
> blindwebbers-subscribe at yahoogroups.com & confirm your subscription
> when u get the request to do so.

Thanks! I'm going to subscribe now. BTW, it is annoying when people spell 
"you" simple as "U" or "u", and I'd appreciate if you can avoid it.


	Shlomi Fish


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