Why Arch Linux?

Anders Holmberg anders at pipkrokodil.se
Sun Apr 24 14:41:04 UTC 2011

One question.
I was a debian user 10 years a go but went over to a comercial os.
Xp infact.
However thinking of beginning with linux again but am not sure what to use.
I don't remember much but i am wondering if archlinux would be a go for 
me or should i stick with another distro for now.

Shlomi Fish skrev 2011-04-24 15:26:
> Hi Cheryl,
> On Sunday 24 Apr 2011 06:42:30 Cheryl Homiak wrote:
>> Having gotten help for my volume hardware keys from arch linux wiki
>> articles, I decided to read the one for blind users, basically covering
>> installation. I notice that quite a few people are going to arch linux and
>> I was just interested to know what the reasons were for adopting Arch.
>> I've been a debian user for a long time, with brief forays into fedora and
>> ubuntu and gentoo so I don't know if I'll really switch one or both of my
>> linux machines but I'd like to hear what people find compelling about this
>> distribution.
> In addition to Chuck's excellent E-mail, let me add that Archlinux is:
> 1. A very fine distro.
> 2. Not for everybody, or even not for most non-"ultra-techno-geeks" users. I
> mean, most distros (even Debian) configure your DHCP connection after the
> default install.
> 3. I decided it was not for me either, because I like the glue that Mandriva
> (Cooker in my case) adds. Not sure how accessible Mandriva is for the blind,
> of course, because I have good eye sight.
> 4. Seems a bit like Gentoo done right to me, because in Gentoo, you keep
> needing to wait a lot of time for various packages to install ("emerge kde"
> taking a whole day, anyone?), because they don't have binary packages.
> 5. The people on #archlinux on the Freenode IRC network are very friendly and
> hopsitable, and they even agreed to help me with Linux-problems (that were
> distribution-non-specific naturally), despite the fact I'm using Mandriva.
> This is a much better attitude than many other topical channels on Freenode.
> ------
> And concluding: you should probably use a different distribution such as
> Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora, MEPIS, etc. but if you want good performance and
> responsiveness, and not a lot of bells and whistles and bare-to-the-metal-
> simplicity, then Archlinux is for you. Since I don't find Mandriva to be
> particularly slow (not even on my aging P4-2.4GHz), and since I appreciate the
> glow and the often convenient configuration programs, and can cope with the
> cute bugs and sometimes upgrade problems associated with Mandriva Cooker
> (which is Mandriva's equivalent of Debian Testing/Unstable), that's what I
> ended up prefer to use.
> Archlinux is, as a general rule, a good distribution for its intended purpose
> and audience, only it makes certain assumptions on what these things are. I
> tried it and decided it's not for me, but you may like it better.
> Regards,
> 	Shlomi Fish

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