fetchmail on arch

Cheryl Homiak cahomiak at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 23:54:47 UTC 2011

hi all.

I've done lots of searching on this and haven't found a solution to my problem so I thought I'd ask here. I do intend to look on the wikki and/or post to Arch lists for these questions but i'm really stuck here. Has anybody used fetchmail on arch; I'm getting the smtp=10 error with a failure to connect to localhost; the polling is done and I can tell how many messages they are but they don't download. I don't know if port 25 isn't functhioning and i have to enable it somehow or if something else is wrong. If this is too OT, please feel free to reply to me privately. I'm seriously thinking about changing my other linux machine to Arch but i'd like to solve this first; I do of course have mail on my Mac but not being able to get mail on my linux machines would be a serious problem.



May the words of my mouth
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