Any1 Know trn Really Well?

Hart Larry chime at
Sat Dec 17 17:56:30 UTC 2011

Well, first some background.  Since 1997 I have been using Pine to grab 
binaries from usenet, but around 2003 many were encoding in yenc.  Now I know I 
can pipe raw articles through uudeview.  However, Pine or even now Alpine will 
not really load more than around 9500 articles in a binary group.  Sure we can 
set a range in Pine at 30000  but it will only show 30000 most recent articles, 
which is not what I want.  I usually go through a group in trn and reduce to 
what I want to save, go in pine.
OK especially in Debian with trn 4.0 test 77  seems more robust.  At times I 
can open a group with 7million binary articles, but there are times a group 
with 2million will hang for several days.  I bet the real issue is a maximum 
article number, not a total number of articles loaded.
So in 2003 folks on the trn developement list asked Wayne Davison if there are 
ways to decode yenc in trn?  He says, 1 of these following commands may work:
Some say, run with /dev/sdin
I tried all of that from an article selector, says, "no articles processed"
Can some1 please inform on a good way to do this in trn?
Other strictly commandline news-readers are way too confusing for me.
Also, because I cannot get the pitch working correctly in this DecTalk, in 
Speakup, if a command needs capitalization, please let me know--and thanks so 
much in advance

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