openssl help needed

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Wed Feb 16 10:22:57 UTC 2011

I'd like to find out how to do two things with openssl. First download a 
ca-certificate from the internet given an address is known for it. Second, 
find out from ssl the address for the root signing certificate that signed 
the first certificate I just downloaded so I can download that root 
certificate as well. I don't have the Microsoft ca-certificate or its root 
signing certificate on my system and need both if I'm to get fetchmail to 
download my email from and be able to process it. I did manage to 
get nmh working on this system and figure that's a security improvement 
over any mbox reader since each email is in its own file.  Doing clamscan 
on those files can then pick out the ones with malware in them and those 
can be deleted without the necessity of loosing the rest of my email.  
With mbox, when clamscan finds one or more pieces of malware in that file, 
it marks it all bad.

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