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Sun Feb 20 03:36:14 UTC 2011

This is Linux and it has cataloging software.  The cataloging software is 
very powerful and has names like mysql and postgresql.  Both programs have 
tutorials available on the internet to get first time users up and 
running.  With these programs though, you get to construct any kind of 
catalog you want for any purpose.  You get lots more flexibility and 
control that way.  Very probably music catalogs do exist others have 
already built in mysql and postgresql, but if those catalogs aren't set up 
the way you want you're going to have to learn their source code before 
you can make your own desired modifications. On Sat, 19 Feb 2011, Hart 
Larry wrote:

> Well Tom, while I don't know of any software, what I do is either move or
> download items based on a jonra or decade.
> For example, if I run a ls inside an mp3 directory, we get
> 70s
> 80s
> 90s
> airchex
> baseball
> books
> boxing
> country
> cristian
> dance
> dec-talk
> disco
> folk
> holiday
> jewish
> jingles
> jpost
> mp3-trim
> mutella
> news
> novelty
> oldies
> overnet
> radio
> rap
> rave
> rockabilly
> spanish
> sports
> weather
> Obviously 2 of these were file sharing programs where I would conveniently
> save items until they were moved to a catagory.  I have the same plan for any
> music videos.
> Hart
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