OT: descriptive video on the web survey.

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Sun Feb 20 21:30:06 UTC 2011

trying this again, my list use got this filtered.

On Fri, 18 Feb 2011, Karen Lewellen wrote:

> Hi all,
> Sharing this so they can get participants from across as many computer 
> platforms as possible.  Take it if you can, or at least share it widely.
> Thanks,
> Karen
> Take a Survey: Text-to-Speech Delivery of Description of
> Web-based Video
> WGBH's Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for
> Accessible Media (NCAM) is conducting a joint study with
> IBM-Japan on the feasibility of using text-to-speech software to
> deliver descriptive narration of Web-based video.  No worries-
> we're not considering uses synthesized voices to describe movies
> and TV, just video that appears on the Web (and that is
> proliferating at a rapid pace).  A survey is posted now at the
> URL below.  We invite people who are blind or have low vision and
> who are over 18 years of age to take the survey, which will be
> posted until Friday, March 4. It is fully accessible with screen
> readers, and should take between 45-60 minutes (though folks
> report finishing it in less time).
> http://www.surveygizmo.com/s/461112/3i40b

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