OpenMary: Works in orca?

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Thu Feb 24 23:35:21 UTC 2011

Looking at OpenMary, I have located the .jar file that is supposed to be 
used to install it. I have also installed the Java access bridge, but 
whenever I run

java -jar openmary-standalone-install-4.3.0.jar

I get a nonspeaking window. It would seem that  in order for this 
synthesizer to be useable with Orca, it will need to be prepackaged for 
a distro, so it can be installed using its package management system, 
unless it will work just by pressing enter a few times. (NOT RECOMMENDED.).

I did like some of the voices I heard on the web demo, but it seems the 
installation will need some work before blind users will be able to get 
it working.

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