fetchmail gmail and msn/hotmail

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Sun Feb 27 20:53:17 UTC 2011

It is possible to have fetchmail download both gmail and msn/hotmail but 
it takes a little work to set up.  If anyone else wants to do it, I leave 
you these notes to make your set up go quicker.
1) Minimum version of fetchmail required is fetchmail-  Earlier 
versions won't work.
1.1) My configuration line to build fetchmail was:
./configure --enable-RPA --enable-NTLM --enable-SDPS --disable-nls 
--with-gnu-ld --with-ssl
1.2) After that a make and make install and updatedb and makewhatis -u let 
the system know where it's at.
2) If you have /usr/share/curl/ca-bundle.crt on your system it will have 
the four ssl certificates needed to make all of this work.  The 
pop.live.com server expects both of the GTE certificates to be installed.  
Google expects the Equifax certificate and the Thawte-Premium certificate 
to be installed.
2.1) Installing certificates on my system procedure goes like this:
2.1.1) if $HOME/.certs doesn't exist create that directory.
2.1.2) cp /usr/share/curl/ca-bundle.crt $HOME/.certs (never work with 
2.1.3) cd $HOME/.certs.  edit with editor ca-bundle.crt.
2.1.4) search for GTE which will be found twice and each time search for 
END and copy those certificates out to the gte names replacing spaces with 
underscores and putting a .pem file  extension on them. Do the same for 
the Equifax file and the Thawte_premium file.
3) put your credentials into a .netrc file and user names in these cases 
are complete email addresses.  fetchmail will find and use credentials in 
.netrc files.  Machine names are imap.gmail.com and pop3.live.com for 
gmail and msn/hotmail respectively.
4) what follos is my .fetchmailrc file:
set no syslog
set logfile /home/jude/fetchmail.log

skip imap.gmail.com
with proto IMAP
user 'jdashiel'
there is 'jude' here
mda "/usr/bin/procmail -d %T"
warnings 3600 no keep ssl
sslcertck sslcertpath /home/jude/.certs

poll pop3.live.com
with proto pop3
user "dashielljt3 at msn.com"
there is 'jude' here
mda "/usr/bin/procmail -d %T"
warnings 3600 no keep ssl
sslcertck sslcertpath /home/jude/.certs

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