Change Language Orca Speaks?

Jerry White MidwayVI at
Mon Jan 3 03:17:12 UTC 2011

Thank you so much!!  That fixed the problem.  It sounds funny, though, so I
think I have some playing with the pitch and things to get the sound right,
but at least I can understand the voice now, LOL!

And also, I have installed Ubunto to the hard drive and am looking forward
to learning Linux.  This is the first time I have gotten a Linux Desktop to
install successfully, so I am very excited.

Thanks again!

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Hi Jerry, all

You can configure Orca's speech settings in the preferences dialog.

Press insert + space bar
or clic in the Preferences button in the Orca's main window.
Then choose Speech page and tab to a combo box that says Person. Then
use arrows to choose English voice.

Have you already installed Ubuntu into your computer? or are you running
from the live CD.

Hope this Help!



El 02/01/11 16:12, Jerry White escribió:
> Hello everyone!
> I just installed Ubunto 10.1 and got Orca running by pressing Alt plus F2
> and typing Orca.  I wasn't sure what to choose next, but eventually I got
> working.  It now comes up when I log on , but it speaks in German or
> or something.  I really can't understand it so am not sure.  My question
> how do I put this back to English?
> I have had my son read the settings screen and can't find anywhere to do
> this.  I found references online to recompiling another language, but I
> no idea of how to do this, nor could I find instructions on what I need to
> do.  All the instructions were apparently to software developers and I am
> quite obviously not! LOL!
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks in advance,
> Jerry White
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