manuals, tutorials and other user's guides needed

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Thanks ever so much for your most helpful input. This is the very sort of 
thing I was hunting.

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> RiverWind <riverwind at> wrote:
>> I am writing to obtain an idea of where I might find manuals and/or
>> user's guides for the primary gnome packages. I am referring to
>> such utilities as Brazaro and serpentine CD burners, ISO creators,
>> video and Audio packages and file management applications. I am a
>> novice linux user who is in the process of becoming proficient with
>> both the commandline and graphical aspects of Linux, the Debian
>> system in particular.
> ONe document that I would recommend reading is the Gnome Accessibility Guide,
> particularly the section devoted to keyboard interaction. The table of
> contents is here:
> To learn the shell and basic utilities, I would recommend this book (available
> as a PDF file, which can easily be converted to text if you have access
> needs):
> And an out of date but still useful source:
> O'Reilly Media have published a variety of excellent books, many of which are
> available to people with print disabilities with the permission of the
> publisher. See
> As starting points I would recommend UNIX Power Tools, 3rd ed., and Essential
> System Administration, 3rd ed. The former is not an introductory text, but
> it's extremely useful once you've learned the basics. The latter is the best
> book on system administration that I have found in an accessible format.
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