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Wed Jan 12 14:08:52 UTC 2011

Not really a direct answer to your question, but why don't you use a console screen reader like speakup on your linux 

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* RiverWind <riverwind at shellworld.net> [110112 16:05]:
> Greetings,
> I am wanting to use my linux box as my only ISP. However, I really
> do not care over-much for the Orca screen reader. It is just fine
> for recreation and light jobs, but that's it. When ever I have to
> get some serious work done, I badly need my good old reliable dos
> machine and the JAWS screen reader. In order for me to make this
> idea work, I will need to connect my dos and linux boxes, so that
> I can access the linux box from the dos machine.
> I would sincerely appreciate any and all input that any of you are
> willing to provide having to do with how one would go about
> creating a sort of network between two different computers such
> that they can work together as a unified system. For example, I
> understand that it is possible for me to use any number of Lynx
> versions with an ethernet-card in order to do this, but I do not
> have such a peripheral on my dos box, which is where it would need
> to be installed.
> So in short, is it possible to run a serial cable between the two
> machines and employ a dos-based software to facilitate full access
> to the linux box from the dos box? In other words, is there a dos
> utility that will allow a dos box to access a linux box. It is
> important to note that I am using commo on my dos machine, and I
> would like to keep using it if possible.
> As always, thanks in advance.
> Bright Blessings,
> RiverWind
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