debian on a laptop?

Trevor Saunders trev.saunders at
Fri Jan 14 07:04:44 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 10:25:38PM -0500, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> Granted I have the desktop hardware sitting in my office for a Linux
> box, but am told no one in Toronto can do this sort of work from an
> access standpoint.

 hmm? I'm not sure what you mean, what work is this?  I ee you are
 writing from a shellworld email so my first gues would be some sort of
 syadminy thing, which I would think you could do just fine from a
 linux, imho more comfortably than from a windows one.

> My two questions are basic hardware specifications if I go with
> laptop instead, and what about speech?

for what hardware it mostly depends on what you plan to do with the
machine, but I'd also keep in mind what hardware is likely to take work
to get working.

> I prefer tectalk speech if I can get it, which I guess? meaning I
> could be wrong, means an external synthesizer?

I've never heard of techtalk to you mean the ibmtts / ttsynth eliquence
like thing?  Personally I've always been perfectly fine with espeak, but
I understand plenty of others feel differently.


> thanks in advance,
> Karen
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