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Fri Jan 14 10:30:31 UTC 2011

Greetings and Salutations

Just a few notes, I have been working with Ice-Weasel for a few
months now, and have amassed a bit of know-how where usage of that
browser is concerned. Incidently, Ice Weasel is not much more than
Mozilla's Linux version of Fire-Fox which they developed for
Windows. Ice-Weasel increases the scope of your browsing
capability, especially where Java Script is concerned.

I have had quite an experience with the processing and/or use of
NLS books, but I have reached the point where I believe myself to
be at the point where I am qualified to write a brief manual on the
subject. Also the use of portable peripherals such as flash-drives
is another thing with which I have perforce become proficient. I
would be happy to share all of my experience and hard-won knowledge
on these topics if doing so would prevent others from experiencing
the headaches that I myself experienced. Hells-bells, had it not
been for this group, blind-l and BardTalk, I would be in quite a
fix out of which there would be no appreciable egress.

Internet browsing, reading NLS books and using flash-drives and the
like, pose different challenges for linux users than they do for
those who use Windows as their primary operating system. This tends
to put a bit of a kink in the learning curve. However, the extra
challenges aren't at all insurmountable.

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