[orca-list] Changing volume in Gnome.

Nick.Adamson at generaldynamics.uk.com Nick.Adamson at generaldynamics.uk.com
Fri Jan 14 13:23:03 UTC 2011

Hi Milton.

It's the main volume I want to change, its not just Orca that's quiet.
I found the sound mixer dialog you talk about some time ago but have
never worked out how to change the volume once you select what it is you
want to change.

Any ideas?

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There are 2 ways; first try to adjust the volume setting in Orca by
pressing the Preferences button, then go to the Speech page and tab to
the Volume setting. With the arrow up and down you can increase or
decrease the volume.
Second you can adjest the volume setting in the Sound preferences in
System > Preferences > Sound.
I run Lucid but I think the above is the same in Hardy.

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	Hi All.
	I'm using ORCA on a Ubuntu Hardy box.
	It seems a really daft question but I've looked around for ages
and haven't worked out how to do this.
	I can here ORCA but its very quiet, how do I turn it up?
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