mixed questions. Debian, suse, speakup

Kristoffer Gustafsson kg84 at dreamwld.com
Fri Jan 28 08:02:33 UTC 2011

Well, I've got some questions.
Let's start with debian.
I'm planning to connect a serial braille display to my computer.
But it was so long I installed debian using a serial display, so I've forgotten how to do.
Can you tell me how it shall be done?
Then the suse questions.
How is it to install suse now when the new release 11.3 has came out?
I've not installed suse in many years, and at that time it wasn't accessible to install it.
Is it accessible now with  suse blinux?

Then I want to install speakup into it. Is it included in the kernel as in debian, or do I need to make a new kernèl?
And the last question. How is it with orca? Do I install it manually ir is it included in gnome?
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