FireFox X Issue?

Hart Larry chime at
Sun Jul 3 17:14:50 UTC 2011

1 of our LUG members has been quite helpful in writing-and-configuring Lynx and 
other scripts for me during the last 4years or so.
Last December I switched PC's and also went from FC9 to Debian Squeeze.  Since 
then Dallas has been unable to get xvfb running-and he will discribe.  Please 
if you have suggestions, please let us know--and-now here's Dallas
Monday night I got VNC functioning on Larry's PC,
    configuring his router to direct incoming VNC properly and
    figuring out the differences in operation from
    his old machine.
    Tuesday night we got RealPlayer working with
    Xvfb-run, my having used VNC to get past some
    first time startup issues with RealPlayer.
    We still haven't figured out why we can't get sites using Flash to
    'just start' on his machine when going to media streaming
    sites, as it does on my PC (and Larry's old Fedora machine)
    with Xvfb-run ... firefox .
    I thought there might be something similar to what is documented
    about OLPC at:
    but so far I have been unable to locate / google anything
    for Debian / Testing.
    So I'm posting this to a few lists to see if anyone knows more
    about this than I do.
    Dallas E. Legan II

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