msn in text mode

Ruud van den Bercken ruud at
Sun Jul 3 20:48:39 UTC 2011

 @ zondag 3 juli 2011 18:09 you wrote:

> Hi.
> I've tried to get both pebrot and centericq to work in text mode in
> debian, but can't get them to work. Just a lot of errors abot
> libraries and such things, libcurl and libicq for centericq for
> example.  
> ANy ideas on another client?

Apt-get install update
Apt-get install irssi-text bitlbee

When you have installed this, run irssi to enter the text based irc client.
Connect to the bitlbee server using "/server localhost 6668". Register, add
your accounts like facebook chat, hyves (when you use that), msn, jabber,
etc etc... And join!


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