Listing Total Size in Lynx?

Hart Larry chime at
Sat Jul 9 21:06:39 UTC 2011

Well, right now I am downloading a 6gb file from EasyNews directly to the 
hard-drive, useing Lynx.  The funny thing which you will see is that the 
current total is now beyond what the file claims.  So does Lynx have an upper 
limit for displaying a numbered figure of how large a file is?  Here's a 
Read 2275683 of 2097151 KiB of data, 1319 KiB/sec.
While it was still in the 1gb range, I wondered why I couldn't grab all of 
this, but now looks like some upper display limit, maybe similar to getting a 
total dir in DOS, always 2milion 147 thousand.
Thanks in advance for any insites.

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