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Rob Harris robh at
Sat Jul 30 19:08:36 UTC 2011

Ok, I believe iPhone are about twice the price of Android,  but have a 
reputation for accessibility second to none!  I have one,  I had it on the 
strength of all the other vI's on list doing almost everything with them 
like  a second pocket pc;   except it remains a Mac. I've no idea what is on 
android by default, if anything;  thus raising the issue of how they get to 
be accessible at all;   but guess they are,   but  very likely by third 
party efforts;   which is back to where we normally start.  YOu can pick up 
a second hand iPhone off eBay just like anyone else,   and you can get it to 
do the thing and for once have competed equally in the open market.  This is 
what I did,  got it off eBay and it does the biz!

There are other users much more  enthusiastic even than me;   so that's  the 
playing field so far.

i'll be interested to see what and how much support arises for the 'Droid.

RobH (UK).
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Hi Folks

I realize this is somewhat off topic but you are a group of tech savvy
folks who have a great amount of knowledge in accessibility issues.

I am looking at the possibility of getting a smart phone.  I am
considering either an Iphone or one of the Android ones.  The question is
which has the better accessibility?  Leaving out the fact that Android is
more open than Apple.  I am tired of paying for phones that I can only use
a small set of the available features on because most are inaccessible.


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