SMart Phones

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Sun Jul 31 07:30:29 UTC 2011

I suspected this,   so what accessible software and how much?

I remember a theme elsewhere about a new VI specialised device about $1800 
or something,   but Braille, speech and used one of the 'Droids as the main 
computing and function power.
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Android is accessible once speech software gets installed on it.  It'll
not be there by default.  In that respect it emulates windows more than it
does a mac or iphone.On Sat, 30 Jul 2011, Rob Harris wrote:

> Ok, I believe iPhone are about twice the price of Android,  but have a
> reputation for accessibility second to none!  I have one,  I had it on the
> strength of all the other vI's on list doing almost everything with them
> like  a second pocket pc;   except it remains a Mac. I've no idea what is 
> on
> android by default, if anything;  thus raising the issue of how they get 
> to
> be accessible at all;   but guess they are,   but  very likely by third
> party efforts;   which is back to where we normally start.  YOu can pick 
> up
> a second hand iPhone off eBay just like anyone else,   and you can get it 
> to
> do the thing and for once have competed equally in the open market.  This 
> is
> what I did,  got it off eBay and it does the biz!
> There are other users much more  enthusiastic even than me;   so that's 
> the
> playing field so far.
> i'll be interested to see what and how much support arises for the 'Droid.
> RobH (UK).
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> Hi Folks
> I realize this is somewhat off topic but you are a group of tech savvy
> folks who have a great amount of knowledge in accessibility issues.
> I am looking at the possibility of getting a smart phone.  I am
> considering either an Iphone or one of the Android ones.  The question is
> which has the better accessibility?  Leaving out the fact that Android is
> more open than Apple.  I am tired of paying for phones that I can only use
> a small set of the available features on because most are inaccessible.
> Thanks
> Tom
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