debian vs vinux?

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Fri Jun 3 01:02:47 UTC 2011

Karen, it really depends on how familiar u r w/linux, etc. Vinux comes
up talking right out of the box. I would argue that it isn't so much
for people who are "windows minded", but rather for those who are new
to linux & don't wish to dive in w/both feet into both a new OS &
trying to configure it for speech/braille/magnifier use as well. In
other words, its niche is for sight-impaired linux newbies. Having
said that, though, it has plenty of stuff for the advanced users to
play with as well. It does by default come up speaking using orca. I
would urge u that if u have questions about vinux to consider joining
the vinux mailing list. I can supply that address if you're
interested. They're a very supportive & friendly group--Tony, Mo,
Niber, Storm, Bill Cox, & others really do a good job putting it

Another thing u might wish to consider is Knoppix-adrianne, which also
comes up speaking. GRML does not, but speakup is built in. It, too,
comes up in some sort of weird graphical menu by default. I believe u
press tab at the boot prompt, then write speakup, & at the end u write
speakup=synth. Consult the docs on that if you're interested.

Slackware can also be used as a talking distro. Of all the linux
distros, that's probably the lightest weight 1 of the lot.

U should really supply the specs for your machine so folks can be of
more assistance. Anyway, hth.

On 6/2/11, Karen Lewellen <klewellen at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> normally I denote like such discussions, but I have a specific reason for
> asking.
> I have an IBM thinkpad 560f or so that I am wanting to convert to Linux.
> it is my dos laptop right now, but I am about to upgrade to thinkpad 600x
> for that purpose.
> Everything I read about debian motivates me in that direction,  but I am
> not sure which flavor is best for such a machine.  it has a fine external
> 9 pin port for a synthesizer, so I should? be fine on that front.
> Still there is all this buzz about vinux so I thought I would get
> advantages and disadvantages.  I admit the discussion on the speakup list
> about a bug in the source distro for vinux has me wanting to skip
> this...along with that distro being best for the windows minded smiles.
> Thoughts on my goals?
> Karen
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