Christian christian08 at runbox.com
Sat Jun 4 23:48:44 UTC 2011

Hi Tim and all,
Well, I actually found a provider that let me use Wordpress and I am up and running now, so that's nice. Doing it just for testing.
However, when I create a new page with Wordpress I am not able to navigate to it.
Am I missing something here?
Many thanks,

On 2011-06-03 at 18:22 Tim Chase wrote:

>As for free WordPress, you can install/use the XAMPP stack (or 
>even just WordPress, which is an apt-get away), or even just 
>google for "free wordpress hosting" (though I'd only use it for 
>junk-posts and testing, rather than anything I relied on).
>In addition to the other replies, you might be interested in reading
>which allows you to work locally, writing in AsciiDoc text 
>format, and then use the documented "blogpost" tool from the 
>command-line to post the entry to your WordPress blog.

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