youtube converting in Linux?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Sun Jun 5 18:12:48 UTC 2011

Thanks for the wisdom.
I want to be sure I am being clear.
What I am wanting to do is give a program a specific youtube link so that 
it can do the conversion for me.
something like here,
this site does not work with links e-links or lynx, but you get the idea.
I do not go to youtube myself, but get links related to work and other 
projects that I desire converting into something strictly audio.
can I accomplish this using the method you outline?

On Sun, 5 Jun 2011, Kyle wrote:

> Probably the best solution for now is youtube-dl. It should be available from 
> your distro of choice. If not, you can find it at
> You can then use mplayer to dump the audio stream directly from the file, or 
> convert it to the format you like using ffmpeg. I have a bit more complicated 
> way of doing things that involves getting their new WebM videos and pulling 
> out the Vorbis audio using mkvextract, but that involves picking through the 
> HTML5 source and doing some creative searching and replacing to get the 
> correct link. At this point, youtube-dl is still the better option for heavy 
> use. I'm also in contact with the developer of Youtube-dl to try to get it 
> downloading the new format so that you will always get good audio without 
> conversion if it's available, and soon all their videos will be available in 
> this new WebM format, which will make audio extraction extremely easy.
> ~ Kyle
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