org-mode script question

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Wed Jun 8 09:37:38 UTC 2011

Is this script likely to perform as documented by comments in it?  It may 
also be useful to do cloning and updating on other git projects provided 
you know the right url and project you want to clone and update.
Cut here:

#file - run git to update local org repository.
# if org-mode directory is missing; make it, move to it then clone org-mode then build org-mode and install it.
# install only works for root.
if (!-f '\~\/org-mode']; then
mkdir org-mode
cd ~/org-mode
git clone git:// &>/dev/null  make  make doc  make install
# if org-mode directory exists change to it, then update org-mode then build and install org-mode.
# again install only works for root.
cd ~/org-mode
#git pull && make clean && make && make doc && make install

cut here.

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