wxpython and accessibility

Fredrik Larsson fredrikl.listor at flproduction.se
Thu Jun 16 06:04:14 UTC 2011


Doesn't this happen if one selects the GTK+ version of wxWidgets instead 
of the X11 version?

This of course assumes that GTK+ accessibility and orca is used. I don't 
know if gtk-curses lives anymore.


On Mon, 13 Jun 2011, Sam Hartman wrote:

>>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Masterson <kd7cyu at yahoo.com> writes:
>    Tom> Does anyone know if an application written with wxpython can be
>    Tom> made accessible with orca?
> Last time I checked the wxforms library (which seems to be behind
> wxpython) was not accessible.  Of course, with enough code, anything can
> be made accessible.
> But no, it cannot be made accessible for reasonable effort.
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