problem with lose of speech: cursor key related

RiverWind riverwind at
Mon Jun 27 23:24:29 UTC 2011

Hi Folks,

To give a bit of an update on my speech output problem, I tend to
lose speech when ever I am manipulating the cursor keys in order to
read lines on the screen. I have my speaker connected to my sound
card, and I do not recall what sound card I am using, because it
isn't the original card this system came with. However, it has been
functioning perfectly with all other forms of sound output such as
radio and sound files of different types.

I am trying to figure out why Orca cuts out when ever the cursor
keys are in use. Aside from wanting to fix the problem, might there
be any key-stroke combinations that will restore speech? I was told
that shft-ctrl-o would do the trick, and I've also tried alt-ctrl-o
as well. This makes no sense to me, especially after installing the
latest version of the squeeze disk.


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