how to build SVox Pico from source

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Wed Mar 2 04:07:31 UTC 2011

Yes, it is a 64-bit machine, but after pulling from Debian git I still 
get the segfault. Not to mention the fact that I get weird math library 
errors when I try to use makepkg to build the source, but if I build it 
manually it works perfectly, except for the segfault. Did the patch not 
get put into the upstream+patches branch? Should I checkout an 
additional branch to pull in the 64-bit fix? I still need to figure out 
what in the world is causing simple math functions to be undefind unless 
I build manually as well. I attached my PKGBUILD file in another email, 
but it does the same thing I'm doing by hand:

./configure --prefix=/usr

and then a specialized make install command that puts the binaries in a 
distribution subdirectory rather than installing it on the system, but 
the build never gets that far.

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