How does one determine whether a distro is 32 bits or 64?

John J. Boyer john.boyer at
Mon Mar 14 00:06:58 UTC 2011

Recently I installed the latest version of Cygwin. I was under the 
impression that a 64-bit version ghad been downloaded, but there have 
been some doubts. When I type uname -a one of the things it says is 
WOW64 what does this mean? 

I also need to compile a library with Java bindings for the 
BrailleBlaster project. I get the message that libgcj-config.h could not 
be found in the /usr/include/gcj subdirectory. The file is actually 
present at other locations. Would it be safe for me to simply copy it?

Incidentally, a command-line version of BrailleBlaster runs on Linux.


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