Is there a command to clear memory?

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Thu Nov 3 16:02:06 UTC 2011

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> I have two systems running Centos. Some applications seem to have memory 
> leaks. The amount of free lmemory decreases when the systems run for 
> long periods. Is there a way to reclaim leaked memory without rebooting?

First of all, note that the amount of free memory reported by top/htop/etc. is
not too reliable. If you still want to reclaim leaked memory, then this leaked
memory is owned by certain processes[Leaks]. You can find out which processes
are consuming a lot of memory using htop - - and
kill them (either from withing htop using the "F9" key or using the "kill",
or "pkill" commands from the command-line.).

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[Leaks] - unless there's a bug in the Linux kernel, which is quite unlikely.

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