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RiverWind riverwind at
Mon Sep 5 16:54:16 UTC 2011

Hey There,

I have two computers, a DOS and a Linux box. Now then, I am wanting
to access my Linux box via my DOS box. I would ultimately like to
use my Linux box as my sole ISP. I do not believe that using my
modem in order to dial up my Linux machine would work, but I also
know that there is such a thing as a "NUL" modem cable???

How would you good gentles go about putting such a plan as mine
into action? In other words, how would you go about accessing a
Linux machine with a DOS system? Is there any special software?
Would I have to use a USB port? If I am not mistaken, DOS doesn't
work with USB ports??? Even more desirable would be the ability to
use the terminal emulator "Commo" as my means of establishing
contact between the respective systems.

I would appreciate any and all advice I can get regarding this
matter, so that I won't need to pay for an ISP when I already have
one. Thanks so much in advance.


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