browser security?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Wed Sep 7 22:01:03 UTC 2011

hi all,
actually a two part question.
what browsers come included in the latest debian distribution package?
The other question is if anyone can point me to something  of an article 
nature regarding  open-source browsers and security?
I am finding that companies will know simply block access to anything but ie 
or if you are lucky firefox, with the claim that the browsers suggested 
for Ada / section 508 /  w3c type access are a security risk.  Never mind 
what barriers this creates for using the site services.  they are starting 
to do it as well with earlier editions of ie, so soon that door will be 
closed as well.
I always understood that w3c took a build the highway well and the car 
should be able to use it approach to access.  By which I mean little focus 
on  browsers, but strong focus on cascading style sheets, or css as a way 
to not need to keep track of every car on the Internet.
has this changed?

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