browser security?

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Wed Sep 7 23:23:49 UTC 2011

On 09/07/11 17:01, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> what browsers come included in the latest debian distribution package?

If you've installed the "debtags" package ("apt-get install 
debtags"), you can use

   debtags search --short "web::browser && use::browsing"

to list all the packages that provide web-browsing software.  On 
my Debian Stable, that brings up 29 packages.  There are a couple 
in that list that aren't really browsers, but that's the fastest 
way I know to get a pretty thorough list.

> The other question is if anyone can point me to something  of an article
> nature regarding  open-source browsers and security?
> I am finding that companies will know simply block access to anything but ie
> or if you are lucky firefox, with the claim that the browsers suggested
> for Ada / section 508 /  w3c type access are a security risk.

Most of the articles I know about compare the big-name browsers 
(IE, Chrome/Chromium, Safari/Webkit browsers, and Mozilla 
derivatives including Firefox, Iceweasel, Iceape, Galeon, etc). 
I don't think I've seen any reviews of security on the more 
obscure (whether GUI or console) browsers.  However because of 
their rarity, there's a bit of security-by-obscurity since 
they're such tiny attack targets.


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