debian g.u.i. experimentation

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Fri Sep 16 02:19:45 UTC 2011

I had gnome with orca on this machine and suppose I could have stopped the 
frequent crashes in orca by removing gnome-screensaver and dependencies 
from the system I may try that later.  What I decided to try though was to 
remove gnome and install kde and jovie and dependencies and 
kdeaccessibility to see what kind of speaking environment I might run 
into.  So far, no login sound although the x server or kde equivalent is 
getting started and no result for first try at login.  If I can get logged 
in, would I do alt-f2 and then type jovie to enable speech long enough to 
configure it?  I'm interested to see if I can get jovie to come up 
automatically at least after login and then go from there.  I installed 
kdestandard as the base package for kde and am running in debian sid.  Any 
other packages needed to get a login sound out of kde?

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