More information about problem with cursor tracking on google when using lynx on some computers

Cheryl Ann Homiak cahomiak at
Fri Sep 16 05:37:29 UTC 2011

Some of you will remember that I've posted about a problem where, in google 
and maybe some other websites, I have the impression that I'm not arrowing 
down past links when looking at my braille display but with speakup on I 
can hear that I am indeed arrowing through the links. I recently 
installed arch linux in vmware fusion and am having this problem in that 

I'm posting because I've found a couple additional clues about the 

(1) When I change from links and form fields being numbered to just 
links being numbered, this takes care of the problem though of 
course form fields are no longer numbered.

(2) Unfortunately this doesn't totally solve my problem. Even though this 
fixes the problem, if I then ssh into a machine that does have lynx 
configured with "links and form fields are numbered", even though the 
machine into which I have sshed doesn't have this problem when used 
directly, the same problem occurs that would occur on the original 
installation if I changed back to "links and form fields are numbered". 
I'm not sure if this gets me any closer to solving the problem without 
having to not have form field numbered, but it seems to me that the 
problem must not be in lynx itself. For now, since I like to control my 
two linux machines a lot of the time from my vmware installation, I'll 
just change them all from "links and form fields are numbered" to "links 
are numbered" so I won't encounter this problem when I ssh from the vmware 
installation. But I hope eventually to get to the source of the problem so 
I can go back to having links and form fields numbered on all machines.


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