Raspberry Pi

Tim Chase blinux.list at thechases.com
Sat Sep 17 17:42:38 UTC 2011

On 09/15/11 10:56, David Goldfield wrote:
> Hi.  Has anyone on this list done any investigation into the
> new Raspberry Pi computer?  I'm wondering how accessible this
> thing could be with the right software installed. I'm very
> intrigued by this project.

I too am interested by this project.  However, as best I can tell 
it has an ARM processor running at 700MHz and 128MB or 256MB of 
RAM.  Running a GUI *and* access-software might be a bit tight. 
However, if you're comfortable at the command-line, one might be 
able to skip the GUI and just use a Speakup kernel or something 
like "yasr" for accessible console access.  From what I gather, 
the "A" model is $25 and has the 128MB of RAM but lacks 
networking while the "B" model costs $5-10 more but has a 10/100 
wired network adapter and 256MB of RAM.  To get wireless, it 
sounds like one might need to go with a USB wifi adapter.

Accessibility-wise, because it supports USB, in theory you should 
be able to use a USB braille terminal or TTS synth.  If you're 
using a software TTS, it lists having a standard 3.5mm audio jack 
in addition to including an audio signal on the HDMI output.


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