Martin McCormick martin at x.it.okstate.edu
Tue Sep 20 15:24:07 UTC 2011

	That is good to know. I acquired a 2004-vintage Dell
Desktop which appears to be in proper working condition but all
the ubuntu Live CD's after 9.10 appear to not play nice with the
sound system on that and other P.C.'s of around that time

	I can get proper sound from Vinux2.0 and other obsolete
distributions, but the system seems to know when a possible
candidate for a modern OS is installed and the sound immediately
goes silent.

	This is not a problem with orca, but is a general sound
failure that makes the system as silent as a stone and has
nothing to do with the screen reader at all.

	My wife tells me that the desktop is bright and clear on
the monitor but not one sound emerges from the sound card.

	If you check the sound settings, they are appropriate
for playing sound, but no sounds except for me cursing and fans
in the computer case are audible.

	I know I am not the only one having trouble so I keep
hoping that this show-stopper gets fixed. I wish I could help,
but it is kind of hard to trouble-shoot the very system I need
to trouble-shoot with. GRR!

	This particular box is a 2.7 GHZ Pentium 4 with 1
gigabyte of RAM so it is a race horse looking for a track that
it can run on.

	I tell people it is sitting on the bench mocking me
every day.

Martin McCormick

Jos Lemmens writes:
> In october Ubuntu 11.10 will be available. Take a look at:
>    http://www.ubuntu.com
> On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 07:00:38PM +0200, Bardia wrote:
> > were is the latest ubuntu  i can find
> >
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