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Do you know if your provider is hosted on Unix/Linux servers, or more 
specifically whether you have access to PHP scripting?  I ask as it is one 
of those languages, it is quicker to write a script than learn the minutii 
of an application  or command processor. Most, if not all of my site, 
including all the maintenance, is done through home-spun scripts. If you 
have a Windows PC to work on - even if you haven't! - XAMPP is a great tool 
to fiddle with and  make these things, test them, before uploading them  and 
turning them loose in the wild. XAMPP is a cli apache server that does the 
PHP interpretation for Windows, there are Mac and Linux version;  though in 
Linux case, the HTTP command is essentially the same...   I think.

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Hi Folks,

When wanting to move files from one directory to another, is there a way
to do so selectively, say in batches. You see, my "Download" directory is
full of CD tracks of music from different artists. I am wanting to
seperate the tracks into their respective directories. CTRL X will move
files, and CTRL-c will copy them, but this is all individually.


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