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Sat Sep 24 13:17:03 UTC 2011

Hey There,

I've gotten a great deal of helpful information from many
thoroughly decent people who are members of these groups. As a
novice Linux user, I have found all of your help to be of
inestimable value, and I am sincerely grateful for all of the
assistance I have been able to garner. With this in mind, when ever
I am able, I would like to try and give back when ever my meager
knowledge and/or abilities will permit me to do so.

I posed a question concerning the selective archiving of many files
into their respective directories, and I have found a way to do
this very quickly and easily. Here's how you do it.

Say you've just downloaded albums from several artists, say twelve
disks by Joan Baez, ten by Joni Mitchell, eight by various jazz
legends and a collection of documentaries. They all end up in the
"Downloads" directory. I am in the process of building a directory
tree that will accommodate each artist with their own directory. So
I will need to move all of the different disks by different artists
into their respective directories. This will necessitate moving
files in clumps. It's done like this.

After creating the appropriate directory tree, go into the download
directory and hold down the shft key whilst perusing files with
your arrow keys. The files of course should be in alphabetical
order. After you have marked the desired clump of target files, do
ctrl-x, alt-tab into the appropriate directory and then do ctrl-v.
You then alt-tab back into the Downloads directory and repeat the
process as many times as you need to, and voila you now have the
desired well organized archive.


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