Can GRUB2 beep on a selected menuentry?

Janina Sajka janina at
Sun Apr 8 02:16:01 UTC 2012

Hello, Lars:

Lars Bjørndal writes:
> Is it possible to get GRUB2 to beep on a specified menuentry? In old
> GRUB, you could typ a control g at the menuentry in menu.lst, but this
> doesn't work in GRUB2.
I have looked through the grub2 docs for a way to do this, but have
found nothing, simply nothing.

You can get grub2 to play a little tune when it comes up. So, from
there, you can count up/down arrows, but that's obviously not as good.

Perhaps we need to request a feature--a custom tune per kernel entry
would be my suggestion short of a speaking grub.

PS: The docs I looked at are at:

PPS: The grub2 developers have a rather strange notion of metronome
settings, i.e., my entry says:

play 1920 440 12 330 4


> Regards,
> Lars
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