wheezy and Sound

Martin McCormick martin at x.it.okstate.edu
Mon Apr 23 15:11:25 UTC 2012

	Has anybody been experimenting with wheezy and the new
speakup-enabled kernel?
The system I am using for these tests is a 2004-era
Pentium3 with a bit more than 1 gigabyte of RAM and a 2.7-GHZ
processor so it should be ready to rock and roll when I get a
good system on it. It refuses to generate any system sounds or
speech in any ubuntu version since version 9 and that was gnome
with frequent crashes so I tried the wheezy netinst ISO image
from a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised to get speakup
to start every time so things are improving.

	I installed wheezy and am able to get a CLI session with
speakup but the audio system is still in shreds. If I try to run
amixer, the output is a skimpy couple of lines unless you count
the spew of errors related to configuration lines and modules
that protest seemingly everything except the price of tea.
mplayer appears to start but there is no sound and speakup is
dead afterwards so it not only won't play but kills speakup
which is the only audio working.

	This is not my only system so the world isn't coming to
an end at my house, but I am wondering if I shouldn't just blow
it all away and re install as wheezy is still very young.

	If I can get normal audio such as mplayer to start
working without loosing speakup and maybe even get speakup to
work while in gnome, I will feel hopeful but right now except
for the normal command shell, the things related to audio are
still hurting.

	If I allow gdm3 to start, that also kills speakup. I can
get speakup back that time by using ssh to log in from another
system and then stopping gpm3. On the actual console, I must go
to another console and then back to the first one and I have
speakup back which, of course, is not what we normally want to

	My question is whether others have had sound trouble
with Debian wheezy when also using speakup.


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