Looking for Accessible Web Page Designing Applications

Martin McCormick martin at x.it.okstate.edu
Fri Apr 27 13:27:33 UTC 2012

	I want to write a web form in which customers will be
prompted to enter essential information for registering IP
addresses such that the end result is formatted in a way that
works best for our automation.

	The logic of the whole process is rather simple so it
won't take much of an engine to generate the sort of web page
that could do this, but it would certainly be nice to have the
html or xml coding automated so we spend more time making the
logic work and less time manually dealing with low-level syntax.

	Is there anything out there that helps make any of this
task easier and faster?

	Hopefully, any web pages would be so generic that they
run on anything within reason. Most accesses will be Windows
clients, but generic means the phone rings less often and more
people go home happy.

	I have also asked this question on the Macintosh side of
things. At this point, I just want to find something free or
reasonable that works so as to demonstrate what is possible.

	Thanks for all constructive ideas.

Martin McCormick

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