Looking for Accessible Web Page Designing Applications

Martin McCormick martin at x.it.okstate.edu
Mon Apr 30 15:04:57 UTC 2012

"Rob Harris" writes:
> I could write you the form to do that so long as you got the php script to
> handle it and can tell me what data and variable names you want. Also 
> state
> if your form is going to use the GET or POST methods of data transfer.
> That's the first thing to declare in the form header.

	Thank you very much. Fortunately, this is a bottom-up
project so there is nobody breathing down my neck wanting it

	What happens is that we have either a person contacting
me or someone else in our group via email or via a help ticket
system that allows them to ask for services in a free-form
manner. Many times, they fail to include key information while also
including boat loads of superfluous verbiage that doesn't get us
any closer to helping them. We waste more time contacting them
via telephone or email to guide them towards the relatively
simple bits of information we actually did need.

	My hope is for an engine that serves as a front-end to
existing automation we already have that will find you the next
free IP address if you know the starting address of the network
in question.

	I know a lot more about shell scripts, expect scripts C
and a bit of perl than I do about web design. It would be fine
with me to use a modest web interface to send the customer to a
mechanized conversation with a script that would form the
request based on prompts. You could use the customer's responses
to provide more prompts or decide that he/she had supplied
enough information to complete the transaction.

	I know that a web server does capture the IP address of
the client and the URL that person used to contact the server.
The robot script could receive all that information and ask him
if he is in the network where he wants to register this host? If
not, ask more questions.

	As you can tell, I am still thinking. The web part is
only necessary because most of the initial contacts would be
from  total strangers or I would just have them log in to
a unix system and they would then be prompted for all the key
information. We have just got to safely get them to the robot
script that will do the real logic.

	Again, many thanks.

Martin McCormick

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