grub update on arch

Jason White jason at
Tue Aug 7 00:47:10 UTC 2012

Kyle  <blinux-list at> wrote:

>On a related note, unless you need specific features or functionality that only GRUB2 can provide, you may have an easier time with Syslinux. There apparently have been issues making GRUB 2.x work
>properly, and as you can see from the docs, it is a very complicated system, and may even require repartitioning to make it work. 

I am having no problems at all here with Grub 2 under Debian. I don't remember
having difficulty switching from Grub legacy to Grub 2 either; the
instructions were easy to follow and it all just worked as designed.

So far, this has been my experience on two machines and a KVM virtualized
guest (the KVM guest was harder because I was experimenting with Btrfs as the
file system and Grub 2 didn't support it at that stage - I think this is fixed

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