grub update on arch

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Tue Aug 7 15:04:27 UTC 2012

I actually had major issues just last week getting GRUB2 working with BTRFS. Maybe it is because I use compression, or maybe it had nothing to do with BTRFS at all, and was related to the fact that I was installing it to a flash disk. In any case, I wrote to the Arch-general e-mail list, and a dev recommended using a 100MB /boot partition and syslinux, and that worked perfectly, so I pass it on in case it can help. If not using BTRFS with compression, the /boot is probably not necessary, although it certainly can't hurt to set it up. Yes, my particular use case was rather unusual, involving several unique circumstances, but syslinux just worked as expected. I didn't experiment with GRUB2 after I created the partition for /boot, so it is quite likely that GRUB2 would also work for me at this point.

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