Mysterious Hard Freeze?

Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Aug 13 06:31:25 UTC 2012

It sounds like you ran out of memory.  Perhaps next time try only opening 
one app at a time.  It could also be that your processor got too hot and 
fried your sound card, but I think that's unlikely unless this has happened 
often.  Does completely turning off the machine and doing a cold boot fix 
the sound card?

Can you post here what stream you're trying to record?  I never use X for 
stream capture.  Apparently there are several alternatives, depending on the 
content.  Perhaps MPlayer would work.  For regular mp3 streams, I use plain 
old wget and it has worked fine for years.

On 8/11/2012 10:58 AM, Hart Larry wrote:
> Well, this morning I was running xvfb useing firefox to rip an archived
> stream. Also, was running trn in a large news-group. At some point, I began
> hearing 2&1half words looing around from the stream. I had no speakup, could
> not change consoles, no back space beel, no1 could ssh in here. So, after
> power-cycling the machine we see nothing in /var/log/messages relating with
> what happened.
> Also, since then 1 of my 4 sound-cards is not showing up-and-that was a
> hi-end which we could adjust bass-and-trebble.
> I am not actually running an x session, but I sure wish there were other
> ways of ripping audio, without xvfb-and-firefox, which many times do not
> shutdown.
> Thanks in advance for any ideas in where else to look for clues of what
> happened? O, this is Debian 2.6.32 because so-far this DecTalk U S B will
> not speak in a later kernel
> Hart
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