An External Lynx Mystery?

Hart Larry chime at
Sat Aug 18 18:12:47 UTC 2012

Well, this may be tricky?  Several years ago I began running externals to 
launch youtube related sites, to either play or download.  Last year or so also 
running firefox in an xvfb frame buffer to play streams which otherwise I 
cannot get an exact url, because of flash and or javascript.  So one of our 
Linux experts, Dallas, who I convinced to join this list, I mentioned how nice 
it would be to run an external to launch a firefox stream.  Well, on his 
machine, also running Debian, but in bash, it works well.  However, my machine 
in TCSH, there are inconsistancies.  I can run a firefox alias, also running 
ff.extern   from a commandline, with great results.  However, running an 
external to play, nothing plays, even though it launches firefox.
Here are the lines Dallas created, some may be commented out?
#  EXTERNAL_MENU:http:Firefox:rm -f ~/.asoundrc \; killall  -HUP
#    firefox-bin \; xvfb-run -a  -s '-screen 0 640x480x16'
#    firefox -no-remote -a nullvideo -P nullvideo  %s :TRUE
EXTERNAL_MENU:http:Firefox:ff.extern   %s :TRUE
  Back again live, that first line we needed, as alsa or some firefox components 
would get stuck.  Now, here are lines related from my .alias file:
#   setenv DISPLAY ':99'
#           no longer needed in Debian, slightly different Xvfb setup
#   alias ff 'firefox   --display=:99   -P nullvideo   '
#  alias ff 'xvfb-run  firefox -no-remote -a nullvideo -P nullvideo '
alias ff "kaar ; kf ; xvfb-run -a  -s '-screen 0 640x480x16'  firefox 
-no-remote -a nullvideo -P nullvideo "
alias kf "killall  -HUP  firefox-bin "
alias kaar "rm -f ~/.asoundrc "
alias rp "xvfb-run -a  -s '-screen 0 1024x768x16' 
/opt/real/RealPlayer/realplay "
alias df 'df   -h  '
Back again live:  An only thing I can think of is that Privoxy is still 
Even looking in "ps -a"  when running the Lynx external, an only item extra 
running is, "sh"
Can some1 please suggest ways to make this work, as it would be so much easier 
than always cutting-and-pasting an url from Speakup.  Thanks so much in 
advance-and maybe if there are obvious items I left out, maybe Dallas will fill 

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