Command line or text based radio app.

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Tue Dec 11 13:14:30 UTC 2012

I haven't found graphical apps to be half or not accessible these days, 
and Vinux actually does a good job of pulling together the most 
accessible stuff right out of the box. The problem is likely that Vinux 
is based on an older version of Ubuntu, so some of the latest 
advancements in accessibility, most notably with qt applications, are 
likely not available in Vinux. Most gtk-based apps should just work though.

That said, mplayer is probably the best command line application for 
listening to radio on the internet. VLC also has a command line 
interface, and works very well for many types of streams. Either way, 
you will likely need to download the playlist file for the station you 
want to listen to, and save it to your computer. Then you can just type 
something like

mplayer -quiet -playlist something.pls

vlc something.m3u

or similar, and the station should play without any problems. Hope this 
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